A big step towards electromobility

Electric scooter sharing and energy revolution – that’s a good match. Vattenfall supplies nation wide millions of households with energy. And also our red scooters in Berlin and Hamburg are fueled with 100% green electricity from Vattenfall. In line with a marketing cooperation we will make this collaberation more visible.

Vattenfall and emmy?

Vattenfall supplies reliable and affordable 3.5 million customers in Germany. The companies goal ist to reach the energy production without fossil fuels within one generation. In order to reach that, Vattenfall continues to work together with strong partners from different fields to establish a more climate friendly life. The topics mobility and sustainability have big relevance for people in cities. And that’s where emmy comes into play.

emmys with Co-Branding 

From now on, a part of our scooter fleet in Berlin and Hamburg will be co-branded with Vattenfall. Any changes for you as a customer? No! But with the marketing cooperation, Vattenfall customers enjoy several advantages and emmy has the monetary possibility to grow as a company. We will be able to optimize our service and reach more people – an important step in the direction of clean and emission free mobility of urban cities.