Welcome to the capital of Saxony

You can find our emmy mopeds everywhere in the city center. With the emmy app, you can see at a glance which electric mopeds are available in your area and reserve them immediately for free.

Along the Elbe

Enjoy Saxony’s Florence on the Elbe and the picturesque beauty along the Elbe on an emmy scooter! Whether you want to travel along the green riverside promenades or discover the charming riverside districts, emmy will take you to your destination in comfort and in an environmentally friendly way. And with the two helmets, you can safely enjoy the adventure together with a person of your choice.


Use your emmy scooter as your personal tour guide and discover the historic heart of Dresden in a new and exciting way. Explore the winding alleyways, magnificent squares and fascinating sights of Dresden’s Old Town as you glide through the streets with ease.

Äußere Neustadt

The Outer New Town delights with its variety of activities and sights! Drive through the colorfully painted streets and discover an abundance of cozy cafés and vibrant bars. Dive in and enjoy the local events and live music. And the best thing about it? With the relaxed parking function, you can conveniently park your emmy moped and continue riding after the concert.

Outside in Dresden🛵

Dresden is an outdoor city, emmy is outdoor driving! No matter which promenade, park, garden or café you have an appointment at today, you can now use emmy in the city center, Altstadt, Äußere Vorstadt, Südstadt, Pieschen, Südvorstadt, and parts of Räcknitz, Blasewitz, Seidnitz, Leuben, Plauen, Reick and Strehlen


On the road to uni🎓

Are you studying at the TUD or HTW or another university and want to get to your lecture or the library quickly? With emmy, you will definitely get to all lectures and bookshelves on time and reliably.

Ride through Dresden with emmy!

Install the emmy app, register for free and start riding.

How it works

Why make it complicated when you can make it simple? It doesn’t take long before you’re sitting on the moped – but see for yourself. You can find out how to start the scooter and end your rental here.

1. Register

Quick and easy! All you need is your driver’s license, ID card or passport. A letter of motivation would be nice, but is not absolutely necessary.

2. Verify your driver's license

Simply download the emmy app, quickly upload a picture of your driver’s license (class B) and we can activate you for our fleet.

3. Riding

The paperwork is done, we like you – welcome on board! Now quickly find the nearest emmy in the app and off you go. It’s best to drive up to the future parents-in-law right away!

How do you start the moped?

1. Open helmet box

Once you have started the rental (via the app) and unlocked the helmet box, press the red button firmly to open the helmet box.



2. Select helmet

The black helmet with the red emmy sticker is always bigger than the one with the white sticker. For the other helmets, you will find the size information inside the helmet. If necessary, take gloves, a hygiene cap or the microfiber cloth for wiping dry from the helmet box.



3. Jacking up the scooter

Stand with your legs over the moped and push the handlebars forwards firmly with both hands.

4. Start engine

Pull the right brake lever and press the P button until “00” is displayed on the moped’s dashboard.

How do you end the rental?

Parking without stress!

Parking with our emmys is super easy. You can conveniently park your scooter in the public parking area or in specially signposted moped parking spaces. Please park your two-wheeler in such a way that it does not interfere with other road users. You can also find all park rules here in our FAQ.


Any other questions?

You want to know exactly, don’t you?
Check out our FAQs!