Munich –

Through Munich

u can find our emmy scooters just about everywhere within Munichs business area. The emmy app helps you find and immediately reserve any of the available scooters nearest you.


You can find and park our scooters in any of the following neighborhoods: Au-Haidhausen, Altstadt-Lehel, Ludwigs- und Isarvorstadt, Moxvorstadt, Schwabing, and Schwanthalerhöhe. Our business area is constantly expanding, so expect more neighborhoods to be added to the mix soon!

When you just wanna get away

Our scooters are all around the city, but sometimes you find yourself wanting to break free, to get away from it all, do it! But remember that you can only return your scooter within our business area, so make sure you have enough battery power to get your emmy home.

How it works

From locating and renting a scooter to returning it afterward, we’ve laid out everything you need to know here. Set-up is quick, so you’ll be riding your first emmy scooter in no time!

1. Sign up

Super fast and super easy! Fill out the form and have your driver’s license and ID or passport ready. A cover letter would be nice, but it’s not mandatory.

2. Verify your driver's license

Download the emmy app, upload a picture of your license (class B), and we’ll activate your account asap.

3. Ride

Enough of the paperwork – welcome aboard! Locate your first emmy scooter in the app and get ready to ride. Maybe a good time to cruise by your in-laws’ house.

How do you start your scooter?

1. Open the helmet box

To open the helmet box, firmly press the red button. Remove the key and grab a suitable helmet.

2. Get it of the kickstand

Stand with the scooter between your legs and firmly push the handlebars forward with both hands. 

3. Insert the key into the lock.

Just insert the key into the lock and turn it around.

4. Red switch is flipped to "ON"

Make sure that the red switch on the right handlebar is flipped to “on”.

5. Start engine

To start the scooter, simultaneously pull the brake to activate it and press the “Down” switch on the left handlebar.

6. Switch driving modes

Use the UP and DOWN buttons on the left handlebar to switch between the different driving modes. “Go”, “Cruise” and “Boost” vary in acceleration. With “Crawl” you’ll crawl forward or backwards.

How do you return your Scooter?

Park your Scooter

Scooters feel most comfortable when they’re parked in a spot especially for scooters or in free, public parking. Be sure never to park your emmy in the bike lane, the bus lane, or in the way of pedestrians, being mindful not to hinder drivers, riders, or walkers in any way. Also, don’t be blocking any entrances, driveways, or loading zones, entering anyone’s private property, or overlooking a no-parking sign.




Can’t find what you are looking for?

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