Potsdam –

royal rides 👑

You can find our electric mopeds just about everywhere within Potsdams business area. The emmy app helps you find and immediately reserve any of the available mopeds near you.


You can find and park our e-mopeds in any of the following neighborhoods: Innenstadt, Nördliche Innenstadt, Babelsberg Nord/Süd, Sanssouci, Teltower Vorstadt and Cecilienhöhe. Our business area is constantly expanding, so expect more neighborhoods to be added to the mix soon!

When you just wanna get away…

Our e-mopeds are all around the city, but sometimes you find yourself wanting to break free, to get away from it all, do it! But remember that you can only return your moped within our business area, so make sure you have enough battery power to get your emmy home.

Do i have to pay any fees when riding from Potsdam to Berlin?

There are absolutely no extra fees to be payed when riding from Potsdam to Berlin or back.

Full throttle through Potsdam 🛵

Potsdam is an outdoor city, emmy is outdoor driving! No matter in which park, palace garden or café you have a date today, you can now use emmy in the entire city center, large parts of Babelsberg and the northern and western suburbs.

Lecture hall hopping 🎓

Are you studying at the University of Potsdam, Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, Babelsberg Film University, CBS, ESAB or the Hasso Plattner Institute? With emmy you will definitely be on time for all your lectures.

Drive through Potsdam with emmy!

Install the emmy app, register for free and start driving right away.

How it works

From locating and renting a moped to returning it afterward, we’ve laid out everything you need to know here. Set-up is quick, so you’ll be riding your first emmy moped in no time!

1. Sign up

Super fast and super easy! Fill out the form and have your driver’s license and ID or passport ready. A cover letter would be nice, but it’s not mandatory.

2. Verify your driver's license

Download the emmy app, upload a picture of your license (class B), and we’ll activate your account asap.

3. Ride

Enough of the paperwork – welcome aboard! Locate your first emmy moped in the app and get ready to ride. Maybe a good time to cruise by your in-laws’ house.

How do you start your moped?

1. Open the helmbox

Once you have started the rental (by app) that unlocks the helmet box, press the red button firmly to open it.



2. Grab a suitable helmet

The black helmet with the red emmy sticker is always larger than the one with the white sticker. For the other helmets, you will find the size information inside the helmet. If necessary, take a hygiene cap, gloves or the microfibre cloth for wiping dry from the helmet box.



3. Get it of the kickstand

Stand with the scooter between your legs and firmly push the handlebars forward with both hands.

4. Start engine

Pull the right brake lever and press the green start button (NIU) or P button (Yadea) until “Ready” is displayed on the moped’s dashboard. 

How do you return your moped?

Hassle-free parking!

 You can conveniently park your Moped in accordance with the German Road Traffic Act (StVO) in paid public car parks or in specially signposted scooter parking spaces. Please park your two-wheeler in such a way that it does not interfere with other people on the road. You can also find all parking rules here in the FAQ.



Can’t find what you are looking for?

Visit our FAQ’s! page for more info.