Business Area

You can find our emmy scooters further than Berlin’s S-Bahn-Ring. The emmy app helps you find and immediately reserve any of the available scooters nearest you.

Through the Mother City


You can find and park our scooters in any of the following neighborhoods: Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg, Neukölln, Charlottenburg, Tiergarten, Wedding, Mitte, Tempelhof, Wilmersdorf, and Schöneberg. Our business area is constantly expanding, so expect more neighborhoods to be added to the mix soon!

When you just wanna get away…

Our scooters are all around the city, but sometimes you find yourself wanting to break free, to get away from it all, do it! But remember that you can only return your scooter within our business area, so make sure you have enough battery power to get your emmy home.