Relationship status: Let’s go with GoTo

Maybe you have already heard that we have partnered with a big name in the European mobility market. We´re talking about GoTo Global, who are experienced experts in the field of multimodal mobilty.

If you’re wondering right now: multimodal 🧘🏼‍♂️❓, what will change for me now as an emmy customer 🤔 and what will it look like when it’s ready?

We’ll keep you informed every step of the way – just make sure you’re subscribed to our channels! We cannot give you all the answers right now as this is still work in progress. But behind the scenes a lot of things have already been done over the last few months. Nothing you could see so far but wowsers – there is quite something to expect!

For today, we are starting small, as a first step GoTo is introduced to our logo.
You will see it appear on our mopeds too!

Be excited, stay healthy and we´ll be in touch with updates!