felyx is missing? emmy is moving!

We would like to welcome you! Since you’ve been on the road with felyx before, you actually already know how things work. Nevertheless, we would like to summarise the most important information for you here:

emmything you need to know:


You use the app to find an emmy moped and reserve it. Once you arrive at the moped, you start the rental and choose one of the two helmets from the helmet box, or both if you are riding as a couple – and you’re ready to go.


With emmy, too, the moped may only be parked in public parking spaces (especially in Berlin, not on the pavement). Once you have found a parking space, take a quick photo of the parked moped to end the rental.

For Berlin everything stays the same, you already know the NIU scooters😉

In Hamburg, a new moped model comes into play: don’t worry, the Yadea moped is just as simple to operate and easy to ride as the NIUs. To start, press the P button on the right handlebar until “Ready” appears on the top left display. To switch off the scooter, either unfold the side stand or press the P button again when the scooter is on the main stand.

If you’re more the visual type, check out our Yadea tutorials:

Start Yadea rental
End Yadea rental

Business Area

In both Berlin and Hamburg, we have defined our business area differently than felyx. Before your (first) journey, take a quick look in the app to see how far our zone extends. Of course, you can also drive beyond the borders, but the rental can only be terminated within the business area.

FAQ & Contact

Do you have any questions? Take a look at our FAQ or contact our customer service (kontakt@emmy-sharing.de), they are always happy to help.

emmy Gang

The emmy Gang is our Miles&More: if you make at least 8 journeys in a month, you become a proud member of the emmy Gang and are automatically credited with 15 free minutes at the beginning of the next month – apart from fame and honour.


emmy Friends

Are friends sacred to you? Then invite them to emmy with your promotion code or give away entire minute packages. You can find your promotion code and the “Give away minutes” option in the app menu.


Good information, bad jokes

In our emails, push notifications and in-app notifications, we inform you about news, promotions or offers related to emmy. We promise not to spam you, but to use the “yes-that-could-interest-us-as-a-customer” filter. Want to know more about emmy? Then take a spin on Social.