Full day of fun on two wheels

24-Hour Winter Pass

Unlimited rides and unlocks


29 €
for 24 hours

Take the time for a chit-chat in the Imbissbude and just let go during a visit to the hairdresser, because your moped is parked right outside the door, ready for the next stop on your Me-Time tour, at no extra cost and without time stress.

The 24-Hour Winter Pass lets you use our mopeds as much as you want for an entire day! After buying, the pass is active for a full 24 hours, and this duration is shown in the app. You can park the moped outside our business area without additional charges or freely switch between different scooters within our service area.

Want to treat yourself to a day out?
Simply select a moped in the app and click on
% special rates:

Important: If you have free riding minutes in your account that expire within the next 24 hours when you buy the 24-Hour Winter Pass, those minutes will be used before the pass minutes.

 Want unlimited unlocks only?
Choose a Low Gear Plan!

Want bigger savings?
Choose a High Gear Plan for unlimited unlocks plus 250 minutes of riding time.