Scooters & Parking

You wanna know where you can return your scooter and if you’re allowed to ride outside the business area?

What do I need to have with me when I ride?

Everything you need for a ride on an emmy is your driver’s license. You’ll find two helmets located in the scooter’s helmet box, one in M and one in XL, as well as a protective cap and a cloth, so that your tushy doesn‘t get wet.
A pair of sunglasses wouldn’t hurt, of course, in terms of looking cool.

How will I know when my scooter has started?

Schwalbe (in Berlin and Munich)
Although the scooters are silent, ignition is activated as soon as you turn the key in the lock. The ultra-xenon light will come on if you are turning the key correctly.

Muvi (in Hamburg and Dusseldorf)

  1. Ignition is activated for our keyless Muvi-scooters as soon as you have:
    pushed it off its stand,
  2. switched the power switch to “on”,
  3. and briefly squeezed one of the brakes.
How long does the battery last?

This rule of thumb applies: 1% charge lasts for a riding distance of about 1 km.
Of course, if you tie 50 kg of bricks to your back, you’ll consume a bit more charge. And be careful that your scooter has enough charge to make it back into the business area.

Can I charge the scooter myself?

Forget about it! The strong girls and boys of the emmy team take care of charging our scooters. As soon as the battery drops below 20% and you want to return your scooter, your emmy will be taken out of the system and given a new battery. For this reason, make sure that on longer rides your scooter has enough charge to make it back into the business area.

Can I park my scooter and ride again with it later?

No Problem! You can park anytime without returning your scooter. Just select “park” in the app and remember to take the key with you. The scooter is then set in parking mode and locked for other users. Whatever you have and want to do, emmy is waiting for you! You’ll pay only 0.05 € per minute while it’s parked. Once you want you continue on, select “keep riding” in the app.

Where am I allowed to park?

With emmy, you’ll always find a parking spot! You can leave your scooter in public parking areas. It’s best to park on the edge of sidewalks, so that the scooter isn’t hindering any pedestrians, cyclists, or other means of transport. Be careful not to park in front of driveways, in loading zones, parks, pedestrian zones, or in front of shop windows or in inner courtyards!

Please also don’t forget to release a parking ticket, in case you have to park in parking spots, where you need a parking ticket.


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