Damage & Insurance

You wanna report damage to the scooter or want to know how you are insured with emmy?

What to do if the scooter is damaged?

If the damage is not yet listed in the app, please call us immediately at 030 220 124 40. Only then can we be certain and verify that the damage is not attributed to you.

What do you do if you have problems renting or returning a scooter?

Call our service hotline. The number is: 030 220 124 40.

How am I insured?

With us, you have personal liability and full collision coverage. In the case of damage, you pay a maximum of 250 € (Torrot Muvi) or 350 € (Govecs Schwalbe), barring that the damage was not caused deliberately or by reckless driving.


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12103 Berlin

Service line: 030 220 124 40
Email: kontakt@emmy-sharing.de
Skype: emmy.sharing

Opening hours, office:
Mon to Fri: 9am – 8pm

Opening hours, workshop*:
Mon: 3pm – 5pm | Wed: 10am – 12am | Fri: 2am – 4pm

*for test rides or in-person registration