Billing & Costs

You wanna know about how we bill for our service, where you can see your bill, and how to change your payment method?

How does billing and payment work?

We bill once a month and book the amount from your account or credit card, depending on the payment method you choose. You’ll get a billing summary by email a few days before the charges are booked.

How can I change my payment method?

You can change your method of payment (credit card or direct payment through your account) in the Login section of our website.

Where can I see rides I’ve taken and how much they cost?

We send a bill to your email after each and every rental and ride. You can also see your ride history on the emmy website under “My reservations”.

Do I have to pay something if when I’m not using emmy?

No way! With us, you only pay when and if using our service. The price per minute of ride time is €0.23 and €0.13 for park time. With our automatically generated ride report sent to you by email, you can be in better control of associated costs.

How does the cost cap work, and is there an all-day rate?

In case you find yourself just unable to part with your emmy, we’ll cap costs at €29 for the day. This means: You can book your scooter for longer than 2 hours and 6 minutes (the magical limit, here), and the price to rent a scooter stays at €29. If the battery should run out somewhere along the way, you can exchange your scooter for another within the business area. If you’re riding outside the business area, make sure that your scooter has enough charge to make it back into the business area. Please note that 00:00am – 11:59pm counts as a day at emmy, which means that by midnight you’ll be starting into a new day with billing beginning anew.


You can load your account with 200 or 500 riding minutes with the respective package. You can ride at a reduced rate when you book one of the available packages.


You can find the prepaid packages in your account after logging in via our website.


No, the riding minutes purchased do not expire.


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Service line: 030 220 124 40
Email: kontakt@emmy-sharing.de
Skype: emmy.sharing

Opening hours, office:
Mon to Fri: 9am – 8pm

Opening hours, workshop*:
Mon: 3pm – 5pm | Wed: 10am – 12am | Fri: 2am – 4pm

*for test rides or in-person registration