Do you have questions about how the emmy scooter works? Information for a smooth ride you can read here.


How do I get the Scooter on and off the cente stand?

The proper technique is key – Stand on the left side of the scooter and firmly push with your foot on the lever arm of the center stand. Make sure that both sides of the center stand are touching the ground. Now, at the same time, swiftly pull back on the handlebars and the handle beneath the seat.

Which riding modes are available?

On the Schwalbe, you can alternate between the various riding modes via the UP and DOWN switches (located on the left) – “Go”, “Cruise”, and “Boost” determine the acceleration and the top speed. In “Crawl” mode, you can crawl forward or backwards, which can, for example, make it easier to get out of tight parking spaces.

Is the scooter’s ignition on?

Schwalbe (in Berlin and Munich)
Although the scooters are silent, the ignition is switched on as soon as you turn the key. If you’ve properly turned the key, the ultra-xenon light will turn on.

NIU (in Hamburg)
On our keyless NIU scooters, the ignition will switch on after you do the following:

  1. Get the scooter off the center and site stand.
  2. Briefly pull one of the brakes and push the green “start” button

Muvi (in Dusseldorf)
On our keyless Muvi scooters, the ignition will switch on after you do the following:

  1. Get the scooter off the center stand.
  2. Push the power switch into the “On” position.
  3. Briefly pull one of the brakes.

In general

What do I need to bring with me for my ride?

The only thing you need for your ride with emmy is your driver’s license. There are two helmets in the helmet box in sizes L and XL, as well as sanitary helmet liners and a cleaning cloth to keep your little bum dry. We recommend a pair of sunglasses to look even cooler.

Is there a mobile phone holder?

es. Most of our scooters are equipped with a mobile phone holder. This allows you to always have your GPS in view and confidently navigate your way through the urban jungle. Please note that the mobile phone holders are used at your own risk. Therefore, always ensure that your mobile phone is properly secured. And this hopefully goes without saying… Stay off your phone when riding!

How long does the battery last?
The following rule of thumb applies: A 1 % battery charge is enough for a riding distance of around 1 km. Obviously, if you have an additional 50 kg of bricks strapped on your back, you will consume even more battery power. When you drive in an eco-friendly manner, e.g. slow acceleration, the NIU commends you by showing “ECO” on the display. When the battery level drops to 20 %, “ECO” is permanently illuminated on the display and the NIU switches to ECO mode, in which acceleration is slightly weaker. Always make sure that you have enough charge to make it back to our designated area of operation.
Can I charge the scooter myself?

No worries! The strong boys and girls from our emmy team take care of all charging needs. Once the battery level drops below 20 % and you’ve ended your rental, the scooter is removed from the system and a replacement battery is installed. Therefore, make sure that you always have enough charge to make it back to our area of operation.