How to park

Parking was never so easy. The exact parking regulations you can read here.


Where am I allowed to park

Parking is always hassle-free with emmy! You can park your scooter in all public areas where parking is permitted. We recommend parking the scooter at the edge of a sidewalk to avoid impeding pedestrians, cyclists or any other road users.

Attention: Parking in front of driveways, in no-parking zones, in parks, in pedestrian areas, in front of shop windows or in courtyards is not allowed!

Additionally, if you are unable to avoid parking in the vicinity of parking meter, please make sure to visibly secure a valid parking pass on the scooter. Otherwise, you will incur a fine from the respective collection authority.

Can I park my scooter and ride again with it later?

No Problem! You can park anytime without returning your scooter. Just select “park” in the app and remember to take the key with you. The scooter is then set in parking mode and locked for other users. Whatever you have and want to do, emmy is waiting for you! You’ll pay only €0.13 per minute while it’s parked. Once you want you continue on, select “keep riding” in the app.