Help with your rental

You want to know how to reserve a scooter, start your scooter rental, pause or finish? Everything about the rental process can be found here.

Reserving a scooter

How do I reserve a scooter?

Select the scooter of your choice within the emmy app. A detail view should appear in the lower image frame of the button “Reserve scooters”. Tap the button to reserve your scooter for 15 minutes free of charge.

Start your rental

How do I start my rental?
  1. In the emmy app, select a scooter of your choice.
  2. Click on “Reserve now” in the detail view, the selected scooter will be reserved for you for 15 minutes free of charge.
  3. Click on “Start Rent”, the helmet box of the scooter makes then the well-known “clack-noise”, so that’s the scooter for you to ride.

Pause your rental

How does the parking mode work?

Do you want to make a stopover without running the risk of somebody else reserving your scooter? To do this, simply click “Pause” during your rental and remember to take the key with you. This puts the scooter in parking mode and activates the immobilizer. The parking rate is €0.13 per minute. To resume your trip, click “Continue ride” in the app.

Ending your rental

How do I end my rental?

Before you can end your rental in the app, you need to:

  1. Insert the chip on the key ring into the key box.
  2. Place both helmets back inside of the helmet box.
  3. Firmly press the helmet box shut.
  4. Click “End rental” in the app.
  5. When you hear that familiar “clicking sound”, the helmet box has been successfully locked and your rental has ended.

Area of operation

Am I allowed to ride the scooter outside of the designated area of operation?

As a general rule, you can ride the scooter wherever you’d like during your rental, including outside of our area of operation. However, make sure that the scooter has enough juice to make it back home. For your convenience, the following rule of thumb applies: A 1 % battery charge is enough for a riding distance of around 1 km.

Is the scooter tied to a specific pick-up/drop-off point?

Nope! You can rent a scooter within our area of operation at any time, day or night, and return it later to any spot within our area of operation.